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Do you want to build muscle as quickly as possible? If so, are you training with the proper muscle mindset? For optimal success, prior to entering the gym, you must be willing to train like a warrior.

The muscle building mindset doesn't start once you begin training, but prior to setting foot in the gym. A muscle building mindset is mandatory for optimal muscle growth. Muscle isn't added magically, you must force your muscles to grow. Therefore, growth first starts with being in the proper muscle building mindset.

There are three phases to this muscle building mindset. Phase one, the preparatory phase, starts when you are on your way to the gym. This is the time you remind yourself of your clear cut plan of action, prepare for what exactly your program calls for, and what specifically you are going to accomplish. This phase serves to ignite your mind towards the next phase, the training phase.

Prior to setting foot in the gym, you should have a clear mental picture of what goals you want to accomplish. Picture yourself with lean, rippled, pumped-up muscles. Imagine pounds of muscle being packed onto your body. Next you want to picture yourself executing the exercises to complete muscle failure in order to stimulate growth. Picture it! Picture yourself as a warrior conquering the weights.

Now is the time to walk into the gym with your exact workout plan in mind, and knowing how intensely you are going to execute it. As you walk into the gym, you should be worked up and ready to conquer the weights. Your heart rate should be on the rise, your body starting to perspire with anticipation, all ready to attack!

During the second phase, the training phase, you must focus on the task at hand. Your objective is to activate every single muscle fiber within the particular muscle you are targeting. Focus on your muscle fibers firing 96, 97, 98% capacity as you strive for momentary muscle failure. It is also important to focus on the number or reps, and weight needed to beat the previous workout. You must strive for an all-out effort with each work set, and the focused mentality to beat those previous numbers.

Once your hopefully short and extremely intense bodybuilding workout has concluded, you will enter the closing phase of the muscle mindset. In the closing phase, get out of the gym, and concentrate on your muscle fibers recovering with strength for the next workout. Highlight the positives of the workout, and strategically plan over the next week what specifically you want to improve upon. If your strength and size hasn't improved after a couple of workouts, your body requires more days off for recovery. Let your body fully recover prior to your next battle in the gym.

With this muscle building mindset, you are bound to succeed! Once again, you must force yourself to grow. It takes a very special mindset to provide enough stimulation to your muscle fibers in order to adapt and grow bigger, and stronger.

So the next time you train, remember this important mental aspect of bodybuilding. You should now walk into the gym with a warrior-like, muscle building mindset to force growth. Anything short of that will slow down the muscle building process.

Jim O'Connor - Exercise Physiologist / The Fitness Promoter

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