In order for your business to make money online you require traffic, leads and offers.

You need to get as many eyeballs as you can to your various web properties-this is called traffic. The goal is to create as many paths as possible to get people to land on your pages.

How much traffic you are getting is irrelevant if you aren?t capturing the leads. A lead is nothing more than the contact information of someone that has raised their hand saying they are interested in your products or services.  How do you "capture" such leads? For the most part you need to offer something of value that the prospective customer want in return for their contact info. This could be a free report, access to a membership section on a website, free video, etc. Once you have their contact information, and this could be their physical mailing address, phone number, or email address, you need to create a dialogue about the stuff they are interested in.

The final component is offers, and very critical to you making money. An offer is not a product or service it is the deal. It?s how you structure the way you sell your product or service. Once you have leads coming in, your job as a business owner is to create more offers to give your prospects more opportunities to buy.

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